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Thanks guys, this Rifle is on my to get soon list I have a few bills to take care offirst, but will soon be in a position to purchase this Rifle. I chose the 30 06 because its my pet cartridge and a favorite for the Deer and Boar that I hunt, I am a collector of the 1903 Springfield, and the Mauser, this rifle reminds me of both, but in a sporting configuration. My Collector Rifles are in thieir Millitary configurations. sometimes I like a scope on my Rifle, other times I like Irons. When I do get this Rifle I will do a complete review of it, with pictures and all. It is a large Rifle, and to me brings up images of the African Safari Rifles that I like to read about, I will never go on a Safari, and the 30 06 will work well for any game I encounter here in America. This is the first time in a long time I have seen a picture of a Rifle that just grabbed my attention. I think its beautifull. Kind of like a Sporting Rifle from a generation gone by. Im glad I have a place to share these thoughts with fellow Rifleman that understand how I feel.
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