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Originally Posted by Deaf Smith
A airweight Centennial J frame in .327 (and maybe just use .32 H&R magnums) and have a gunsmith give it a slick DAO action. I think the Ruger LCR comes in .327, right?
Neither Ruger nor S&W has offered a lightweight alloy- or polymer-frame compact revolver in .327 Federal Magnum. Both gunmakers' offerings in this caliber have been limited to steel frames.

S&W previously offered a number of Airweight (AL alloy, steel cylinder) and AirLite (SC/AL alloy, Ti cylinder) revolvers in .32 H&R Mag, but all are now discontinued and none sold well, which has resulted in high resale prices due to collector interest.

OTOH Ruger has offered the SP101 in .327Mag, which IMHO would make a very good choice for this mission, as it is almost as heavy as a S&W K frame and therefore easier to control. Contrary to 'net hype, .327Mag is NOT a low-recoil pussycat like other common .32-caliber handgun cartridges; recoil impulse splits the difference between .38Spl+P and .357Mag, and the cartridge operates at pressures in excess of .357, so muzzle flash and blast are considerable.
Originally Posted by Deaf Smith
The Beretta Tomcat .32 as it has a very easy tip up barrel to load the first round (no jacking of the slide needed.)
Agreed, but the OP should be cautioned that older Tomcats without the Inox stainless finish had some well-documented durability problems. If shopping for a Tomcat, stick with a newer one or at least a used Inox example. Also, IIRC the Tomcat manual advises against using some of the hotter .32ACP loads on the market, and I would recommend heeding the manual's advice.
Originally Posted by dcs12345
I would not suggest a j-frame sized revolver for someone that in inexperienced with firearms. They are hard to control vs. something like a k frame... I also wouldn't suggest some blow back autos unless the person can show me that they can easily pull the slide back (blow backs tend to have stiff recoil springs) and are comfortable firing them.
Agreed on both counts.
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