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Thanks BusterValentine. I may try some One Shot on the dies.. I didn't think WD40 had any degreasing properties, but that stuff is magic, so who knows what it can and can not do?

Auto powder throwers are gonna fluctuate +/- .1 and that's just how it is, as far as I can tell. Unless you're loading for precision or loading on the ragged edge of maximum I wouldn't worry about it. And if you are, get a trickler.
I was getting more than +/- .1 I started at 6.6 and gradually reached 6.9.. When I turned on the powder I filled and emptied a shell 5 times to ensure I was getting proper flow and then measured 3-4 more times and consistently saw 6.6. I put about 10 rounds through and checked again and I was as 6.9. I checked this about 3-4 times and consistently saw 6.9. So I removed the hopper and the disk, and replaced everything and started seeing 6.6 again.

I'm going to have to do some experimenting with this. I may try to wipe some dryer sheets in the hopper and on the disks as well as verify the screws holding the disc mechanism are tight enough. It sounds like power may leak if the screws aren't tight enough causing heavier than expected loads.
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