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Originally Posted by Deaf Smith
I suggest one of two options.

A airweight Centennial J frame in .327 (and maybe just use .32 H&R magnums) and have a gunsmith give it a slick DAO action. I think the Ruger LCR comes in .327, right? That is another option if a snub revolver is desired.


A TCP/LCP/Tomcat .32/.380 auto. The Beretta Tomcat .32 as it has a very easy tip up barrel to load the first round (no jacking of the slide needed.)

While I think the 32 ACP is an underpowered round for SD or HD, I think the Tomcat is an innovative design that makes it very easy for folks who have difficulty racking a slide to chamber a round. I carry one as a CC/BU piece, and trust it with quality ammo.
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