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Originally Posted by reynolds357
Geo, the only real difference in the .260 and the Creedmoor is their name.
Reynolds you are correct, the real world application and performance between the two are trifling. I am however a nerd, and love to analyze the minute details between cartridges.

Originally Posted by emcon5
6.5 Creedmoor: Not listed in any of my loading books. Hodgdon's web site lists 140 gr loads in the 2600 range for max loads.

A practical difference between the 260 Rem and the 264 Win Mag, in a 10 MPH full value wind, you will have about 4" less wind at 600 yards (4.5MOA/28.5" @ 2700 FPS vs 3.8MOA/24.2" @ 3000FPS) The Creedmoor would be a little worse, but not much.
Creedmoor Max Loads:

From Nosler's new reloading manual:
140 grain Accubond loaded to max with 44 grains of Hunter is 2730 fps

From Hornady's 8th Edition:
With 140 grain A-Max or SST loaded to a max with 41.7 grains Norma URP, 43.2 grains of Winchestor 760, 42 grains of RL-17, or 42.6 grains of Hybrid 100V you achieve 2725+ fps.

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