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How about the 6.5 Remington Magnum?
According to the latest Sierra manual, pushing a 140 gr bullet, the highest velocity loads are:

264 Win Mag: 3000FPS
6.5-06: 2950 FPS
6.5-284: 2900 FPS
6.5x55 Swedish Mauser 2700 FPS
260 Remington 2700 FPS

6.5 Rem Mag: no loads for 140 gr, Sierra says they did not include them because the OAL would be too long for a short action with heavy bullets. Published 120 gr loads are (surprisingly)~300 fps slower than 6.5-06 or 6.5-284.
My Horrnady manual does lists 140 gr loads up to 2900 FPS.

6.5 Creedmoore: Not listed in any of my loading books. Hodgdon's web site lists 140 gr loads in the 2600 range for max loads.

A practical difference between the 260 Rem and the 264 Win Mag, in a 10 MPH full value wind, you will have about 4" less wind at 600 yards (4.5MOA/28.5" @ 2700 FPS vs 3.8MOA/24.2" @ 3000FPS) The Creedmoore would be a little worse, but not much.

A High master Long Range shooter could probably tell the difference, but most people couldn't. A deer certainly wouldn't.
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