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I like the iron sights that's a great asset. It is ironic that a heavy rifle with a long barrel for 06 could be named Alaskan. Get in a willow or alder thicket and every inch of barrel makes a difference and shorter is better. If you don't have rain running down the inside of your rain gear and dripping off you rifle you're probably not in Alaska or it's winter there. No place for regular steel and wood if it's my choice.

Might be just right for however you hunt and a 25" barrel and handloads could make a nice accurate flat shooter.

I actually have a similar rifle that I call my Alaskan rifle. It's a classic stainless model 70 .338 Win Mag with a 22" barrel, iron sights, low power scope with quick detach, and the magazine floor plate screwed shut. It's even got the bolt on the correct side, southpaw.
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