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In a perfect world you could buy something like this. $13.25 per hundred (box of 2000) is a good price for Golden Sabres. In reality, nothing like that is in stock right now.

Most bulk JHPs generally fall into two groups. The first is competition oriented (Hornady HAP, Montana Gold, Zero and Delta come to mind) and for those expansion is not a consideration. They make holes in paper, smash into steel and are very consistent and accurate. I'm not saying they won't expand but they were not designed with that in mind. The others are your bargain JHPs that you'll see loaded into cheap ammunition (I know Remington sells them). They aren't bad but they aren't anything special either.

The best JHPs available to reloaders are Gold Dots. They are more expensive though. I have a few hundred loaded up for any gun I could conceivably use for self defense but I don't shoot them for target practice. I just don't have enough money for that.
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