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I hear the "wind don't matter" stories, but I don't hear it from bowhunters very much. A rifle lets you get ahead of the wind a bit in some places. A deer inside 50 yards, down wind, will pick you off, eventually.
+1 bamaranger...

...And you most likely won't. Not an avid,successful bow hunter that's used to bringing home especially bucks that others dream about.

That big ole buck didn't get that way by walking into a smell he is not familiar with in his core area. He'll skirt that area and most likely the hunter will never see him and will never know he was busted.

I feel certain I can get by with less scent control or less playing the wind when dealing with does or a younger buck even when bow hunting. But I know you have to play the wind and practice scent control as best you can if you're hunting that monster buck.

I've not found that peeing from my bow stand to have adverse affect on big bucks. Don't think I'd put my fav. cologne on and expect the same results.


Agree with you as well as far as your clothes smelling of horses.

There's cattle all around here. Every deer around these parts graze with the cattle and are accustom to the smell. Hanging my hunting clothes in the barn or stepping in a pile on my way to the stand provides a great cover scent.

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