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Friend is considering SD/HD handgun

She's almost 60 and has decided to have a look at a handgun after my GF and I took her to the range.

By no means will I push her toward any particular pistol, and suggested she read The Cornered Cat. At some point we'll take her to the range and have her rent a few to see what works or doesn't but I wanted to get everyone's input on possible platforms so we're not there for hours trying guns that have features that make things too complicated.

She's rather petite and had difficulty holding up my Henry Lever action 22. Better luck with the CZ Kadet on my P01. Her technique needs a lot of work though and I fully intend to help her with this.

So what suggestions for something simple to operate, medium/light recoil and compact enough to carry? She liked my Kahr K9 but had trouble racking the slide which frankly is rather stout even for me.

BTW she wants to get her CCW permit soon.
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