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You can be as foul as smelling human as there can be, smoke a pipe, cigar and cig, spit, eat beans 3x aday, chew, and never wash your clothes, pee and crap near where you hunt.

You can be and do all these things, but there is not a deer alive will smell you if you are down wind at the right moment. We cannot control the wind, and can barely predict it, so we pay attention to odors, at least some of us.

I hear the "wind don't matter" stories, but I don't hear it from bowhunters very much. A rifle lets you get ahead of the wind a bit in some places. A deer inside 50 yards, down wind, will pick you off, eventually.

I gave up on cover scents and deer attractants quite a few years ago. Lots of fuss and mess and questionable results. Also, hunting pressure matters.
deer spooked and wary from lots of pressure play the wind hard.
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