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Blackhawk-SAA Grip Frame Question

I have a question about the Ruger Blackhawk grip frame which I am hoping somebody here can answer.

Years ago a guy I used to hunt with told me that the Blackhawk will accept a standard Colt SAA pattern grip frame with some modification to take the Ruger’s coil spring arrangement. I had always accepted this as the truth just because they both have the same number of screws attaching to the frame at the same locations and because the Blackhawk was modeled on the SAA design.

Can anybody verify this for me? Will the Colt (Uberti, USFA, other clone) grip frame attach to the Blackhawk frame without serious modification? As stated above I understand some modification will be required to support the coil spring for the hammer. I am also aware that there is a pin extending from the Ruger cylinder frame for which a mating hole will have to be drilled into the SAA grip frame. I expect some fitting may be required since this is normal even for the initial assembly of a Colt SAA but I’m wondering if fitting the SAA parts to the Blackhawk is even possible.
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