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MCARBO Trigger Mod on Marlin 795

I just thought I'd pass along that I recently went forward with the MCARBO trigger modification (

I didn't measure the break before the mod, but it was both a beast and horribly inconsistent. Now it is as smooth as silk, consistent, and breaks right at 3.5 pounds. (I don't have a trigger pull gauge, so I hung a laundry bottle from a string over the trigger, filled and emptied water until I consistently got a break with the last tablespoon or two of water. Therefore the measurement from a good trigger pull gauge may be slightly less.) My spare time is being cut short of late, so I went ahead and spent the few extra dollars and sent the assembly in for the modification. It was money well spent.

In short, it has been a great experience. Mike turned around the modification very quick, answered a couple non-MCARBO Mod trigger related questions, returned the original springs, and even followed up with a personal email to assure there were no issues with his work. And of course the work was excellent. I couldn't be happier. I have a second 795 and I'll have the mod done to it at some point as well.


PS. The rifle also has the DIP trigger kit, Tech Sights, and a GI sling. I'm (obviously) not a great shot, but with the DIP kit and the MCARBO mod, I've cut my 25 yard free standing (with sling) groups down from a little over 5 inches with 20 shots to about 3 inches with 20 shots (that's counting my 'oops' fliers in both instances) or either Federal or Winchester bulk ammo. I slipped in a 10 round group under 2 inches using some Eley SSS 60 grain bullets. Previously I hadn't seen any difference between the Eley and cheap bulk ammo, but I guess the bad trigger was masking the capability of the better bullets. I also tried the Red Coat Quick AQT using bulk ammo. With all targets I was standing and using a sling. I got 3 shots in the 100 yard Red Coat, 3 shots in the 200 yard Red Coat, 2 shots in the 300 yard Red Coat, 2 shots in the 400 yard Red Coat (using the .30 caliber rule), and missed the 250 yard head shot. Only 3 misses in 13 shots and standing for all the shots - I couldn't come close to that level of accuracy before the trigger mod.
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