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Good story. I have one too. I lived on a dirt road in Nowheresville just up the lane from an elderly woman. She loved gardening and hated groundhogs eating her veggies. I still love shooting groundhogs, so it was a sweet deal for both of us. One day walking past her house I saw a hog, whacked it, retrieved it from the garden, and tossed it over the bank. Business as usual. I had already walked past the house when I heard screaming coming from the building from two different voices. Suddenly a very big man appears and is walking fast towards me mumbling incoherently and swinging a big hammer. I assumed he was an insane murderer who killed Lily (the elderly woman) and now was planning to kill me too. I was wrong. He was the new owner who just moved in from NYC with his wife. They both loved wildlife, they both hated guns, she was terrified of country living, and she was horrified at witnessing what I had just done. Anyways, when this man got too close to me for comfort, I pointed the rifle at him and told him to stop right there or I would shoot. He immediately paled, beg me not to shoot, dropped the hammer, and backed away to the house telling me he was going to call the police. Now I don't know what to think, but knew I had to hang around until the police came. The State Police were indeed called and I explained myself truthfully and honestly to the Trooper. That Trooper believed me when I said I feared for my life and he understood why I did what I did. He somehow convinced the man not to press charges, so I went home that day instead of to jail. It could have turned out differently had a different Trooper responded to the call. I was lucky that day.
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