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Bead Blasting Media

I am finally getting around to bead blasting my stainless Sig 232, but before I start I want to ask a couple questions.

What media do you all prefer?

I was thinking either 80 grit glass bead media, or the finer 100/170 grit. I know the 100/170 grit media will give more of a satin shine finish and the 80 grit will give a duller satin finish. But since this is a carry gun, will the 80 grit be that much less prone to surface scratches compared to the 100/170? If the difference is negligible I will probably go with the finer 100/170.

Also around what PSI do you guys blast at? I will experiment on scrap steel to find what gives me the look I want, but would like a starting point. I found people online saying to stick with 40, and others going all the way up to 85.
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