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Has there ever been a situation where the phrase "no blood, no foul" has been more appropriate?
Aggressive, out of control nutjob behind the wheel of a deadly weapon(car) corners man with a gun.
No shots fired.
No face to face confrontation.
911 called, BG properly charged.
Firearm not even pointed in the direction of a human, yet effective nonetheless.
No one dead, heck no injuries of any type.

Explain to me what a better result would have looked like.
I couldn't agree more! You never want to have to take a life and the outcome is what we should all want.

You can disagree ( and be right or wrong, maybe neither) with when he pulled his gun, why he didn't point it, etc., but it worked and the outcome is the best!
If you ever have to use a firearm, you don't get to pick the scenario!
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