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For me, Dakota, the answer is "no". More expensive AR's are not significantly more accurate. Case in point, my BIL has a $700 (TOTAL cost) Del-Ton M4 midlength upper sitting on a NFA LW15 lower...ZERO upgrades. It consistently groups beautifully. My buddy has a dead-sexy LWRCI M6A2...$2,495.00 + tax & DROS. The DTI/NFA gun will outshoot the LWRC all day long. The M6 shoots ok & isn't "unacceptable" by any stretch, but the budget AR is considerably more accurate. I've seen this in other instances too. Now, what you DO get for $2,495+ is ridiculous fit/finish with top notch compontents...a super-duty grade AR that's 2nd to none. I mean, that thing is like it's dipped in BUTTER with that coating. That's my opinion any way.

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