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Any brits/aussies/kiwis with straight pull ARs?

Any brits/aussies/kiwis with straight pull ARs?

I'd guess none of you Americans would bother with them, disregarding new/possible/upcoming etc laws you are fortunate to live in a gun friendly country compared to others.

I'd guess swapping uppers/barrels isn't as easy as with a real one?
Having it straight pull instead of real semi-auto would make for a more accurate rifle no?
Should work well even thou I am a lefthand shooter?
If I am reading correctly this should be perfectly legal for me as a swede and it is cheaper then a Blaser and potentially more fun
would get some looks but life is too short to be boring
Easier to suppress then a semi

if there is an option for quick barrel/upper swap I could see this being the only rifle I would need

some small pistol calibre for plinking and hunting varmint like badger
223 for fox and roedeer at a distance
308 or bigger for moose, beer and boar in different configurations

Anyone with experience?
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