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I Love My ruger SR9c, but---

I have put over 3300 reounds of reloaded ammo (mine) thru this pistol with 100% functioning. However, it is a lead gathering hog. I have been reloading 125 grain lead bullets, Brinell 18 hardness, and after 50 rounds the bore looks like a sewer pipe. Takes a lot of time to clean, even using Chore Boy around a brass brush.
I haven't yet had the barrel slugged, but I suspect it is somewhat oversize for 9mm. Rumor has it that Ruger is known for this.
Thinking that maybe that my load is not hot enough for Brinell 18 hard bullets, I plan to up the powder charge within safe limits to see if that helps. My current load is 3.8 grains of bullseye under a Missouri Bullet Co. 125 grain roundnose or cone bullet.
If that doesn't alleviate or cure the leading problem, I will have the bore slugged. If it is oversize, I will look for proper bullets of more than .356 diameter.
Failing all that, I guess I will invest in a Lewis kit.
Suggestions and comments are most welcome.
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