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Never had a .300 Win Mag. Most of my western hunting was with a 7mm Rem Mag, and I now have a .338 Win Mag (dreaming of Alaska). Full disclosure: You will most often see me carrying a 6.5x55 here in the East. But I have to comment on the similarity between this discussion and a couple of "gun safety" discussions on NPR. Kind of "wink, wink" self congratulatory. Can't even imagine how anyone could have a different view. NPR did have a little bitter laughter and cursing, but they didn't quite get to questioning anyone's manhood. Living in SE Idaho, I saw everything from .338 to beat up old 30-30 saddle guns. But the most common rifle carried by the folks I knew was .300 Win Mag. Not that they felt superior to someone carrying a .243; it was simply their choice of rifle. Good hunters learn to shoot their rifle well, and I'm convinced most anyone could shoot my .338 just fine if they put their mind to it and practiced. I think the recoil of that round is overrated. Of course, it's overkill outside of Alaska, but if I ever get the chance to draw down on a big brownie, I won't be worried about my rifle or my marksmanship.
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