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I recently picked up a Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle. I'm taking my first shots with it tomorrow. No scope yet, so here's my question: For sighting in, and also target shooting with iron sights on this particular far is too far? At what distance does a short barreled .308 bolt gun genuinely NEED a scope? Thanks, guys.
With a decent rifle I think the distance a rifle with iron sights can be used depends a lot on the shooter and his abilities.

I been shooting a 1922 vintage Savage 99 in 250 savage caliber at a little over 300 yards with iron sights.
This old Savage is not pristine, the bore is a little rough, it's certainly no target rifle.
The rifle has the standard open sights plus a Lyman tang mounted aperture sight.
However the opening in the aperture is fairly large so it's not the best choice for precise target shooting.

I took an empty 1 pound propane torch bottle, painted it white and placed it 314 yards out in a bean field.
Sitting in my truck with the window down so I could use the truck door for some support for my support hand I've got lucky enough to hit that small target 3 times out of 25 shots.

Then I placed a USPSA/IPSC target at the same place as the small bottle, hit it 3 out of 3.

I've also been shooting this rifle at 100 yards standing unsupported using the open rear sight.
The target I'm shooting at is about 4x4 inches and I've managed to hit it 6 out of 10 shots.
With my advanced years, my eye sight's not as great as it once was, I'm also not as steady as I was when I was a young man.
This along with the wind conditions I was shooting in I figured I did ok.

I have another Savage 99 in 300 Savage caliber, it has iron sights also.
I've been shooting it some, so far only at 100 yards and I sure do enjoy shooting these old rifles with iron sights.

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