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I heard an interview recently of someone who was very high up in government and has many connections there (military & intelligence) - Dr. Steve Pieczenik. He said that they can make all sorts of royal decrees out of Washington. But, they don't have the resources on the ground at the local level to enforce it. This is not about 'safety' at all. Your odds of being a victim of a mass shooting are less than being struck by lightning. Gun control is all about CONTROL. Universal background checks are all about registration and eventual confiscation. Do any research on the experience of other countries and its obvious that the stated goals of safety/less crime were never achieved and violent crime went up. Do research on the previous Assault Weapons Ban impact on crime and you'll see that it did nothing. And when it was repealed there was no impact at all. American gun owners will decide this issue, not any lackeys in Congress. You can find anti 2A actions over the years from both parties. These are the same people who passed Obamacare, continue to fund it, and exempt themselves from it. They will continue to play the 'right' vs 'left', 'Dem' vs 'Repub' game in Washington - - - at the same time making the federal govt bigger and more intrusive on Liberty. The question they seem to ask is What level of outrage will the American people go along with ?
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