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Boogieman you can get 3 permits on one application, but you can get as many application as you wish.
The form you found has some lines that you have to fall under to be able to do the more then one gun at a time.

Purchase of multiple handguns from a person who obtained the handguns through inheritance or intestacy.

Collector of handguns with a need to purchase or otherwise receive multiple handguns in the same transaction or within a 30-day
period in furtherance of the applicant's collecting activities. "Need" shall include, but not be limited to, situations where there is a
reasonable likelihood that the additional handguns sought to be purchased would not be readily available after the 30-day period,
that it would not be feasible or practical to purchase the handguns separately, or that prohibiting the purchase of more than one
handgun within a 30-day period would have a materially adverse impact on the applicant's ability to enhance his collection. A
"collector" shall include any person who devotes time and attention to acquiring firearms for the enhancement of the person's
collection: as curios; for inheritance; for historical, investment, training and competitive, recreational, educational, scientific, or
defensive purposes; or any or other lawful related purpose.

The applicant participates in sanctioned handgun shooting competitions and needs to purchase or otherwise receive multiple
handguns in a single transaction or within a 30-day period, and the need is related to the applicant's competitive shooting
activities, including use in or training for sanctioned competitions.

That is right off the form. Listen I hope you can get all your guns in one time. I would have like to also but its to late for me cause I think my stuff is back in town and now its just waiting for when the chief feels I could go get my guns.
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