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Home Improvement~7.62x54r

Ok, I really hope my childhood watching Tim Allen grunting about more power as he electrocuted himself got some attention.

Along that lines, I'm looking for a 7.62x54r load that I can squeeze as much velocity and accuracy as possible out of. I know the two don't always go together, but that's besides the point.

If I can get a load that's ABOVE 160 grans traveling around 3000 fps, while holding 1.5 MOA (less is better but nothings perfect) I would be ecstatic.

I have a SOLID mosin nagant, so a 28 inch barrel leaves plenty of room for powder to burn. It has the best barrel I've ever seen on a mosin, so I'm pretty confidant it will hold up to the maximum pressure rating of the 7.62x54r, so feel free to get close to that with your suggestions!

Thanks guys!
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