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Originally Posted by 1stmar
The only hope we have is that manufacturers are able to produce essentially the same weapons without the components that would classify them as "assault weapons", ie removing the bayonet lug. I have not been able to find the list of the additional 100 weapons added to the list or the elements that make them illegal. I hate this wife won't leave.
CT already has an AWB, allowing two "evil" features. It is worded as "a detachable magazine and not more than one of the following." One of "the following" is a pistol grip that protrudes from the stock, so all AR-15 pattern rifles have their two "evil" features right out of the box. Beyond the detachable magazine and pistol grip, they are (currently) not allowed to have any other "evil" features, such as: collapsing or telescoping stocks, bayonet lugs (I suppose Connecticut had an epidemic of drive-by bayonetings in the years preceding 1993), flash hiders or threaded barrels that can accept flash hiders, vertical fore grips. I think that's about it.

But now the new law will reduce it to ONE "evil" feature. So if a rifle has a detachable magazine, it will NOT be allowed to have a protruding pistol grip. Bye-bye AR-15.

Give it three months. Someone will design an AR-15 stock that fits and works and doesn't have a protruding pistol grip, it'll be legal in CT, and the anti-gunners will again start whining about evil manufacturers exploiting a "loophole" in the law.
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