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You don't get it, do you? The purpose of this tax was not to raise money, it was to drive county gun stores out of business because they are no longer competitive. I suspect it will work. But then again, that fact will do nothing to reduce crime or gun violence in Cook County--as it is, The COP and the Mayor complain about all of the guns in Chicago being imported from outside city limits.

It might work for some of the shops as I pointed out, but it might not. If shops itemize it as a "tax" on the bill of sale...yeah people will notice. If its just built into the price of the gun then most people won't bat an eyelash. Are you going to drive an extra 1/2 hour to save $25.00 on a 700 or 800 dollar item? Probably not. Toni may have thought this will drive gun shops out of business but it won't have much luck doing that either.
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