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Very simple, have you seen the recent stats. on gun sales? It is booming to put it mildly. People do not buy new guns without buying ammunition.

Are you old enough to remember the gas shortage? If so, remember the gas stations were out of gas. The refineries were making it as fast as they could, and the trucks were hauling it to the gas stations as fast as they could. At the gas station, cars were lined up for blocks. As soon as the trucks emptied into the empty tanks the cars sucked it all up. The tanks at the stations were empty again and cars are still lining up.

Now simply think in terms of ammunitions vs. gasoline.

I think things will be OK again around Christmas. (I didn't say which year.)

I am OK since I reload and I bought plenty of components with the old addage "ahead of the demand" vs. the new age addage of "just in time" buying.
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