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New to reloading 45 ACP Questions

I am just starting to reload. I bought a Lyman Crusher II and a bunch of 45 ACP supplies (dies, bullets, brass, primers and powder)from a local Craig's List ad. The seller had already loaded around 20 rounds but after looking at them I noticed that many if not all of the primers are not fully seated in the brass. They definitely are not flat across the cartridge base and will rock when set on a flat surface. My question is should I just try and shoot these rounds or pull them apart and rework them? Also the powder that came with the deal is Hogdon Clays. The bullets are Ranier 200 grn wad cutters and hollow points. Can anyone suggest a good load with this powder for those bullets? Ranier says to use lead cast bullet load data rather than FMJ data. I checked the Hogdon web site for loads and there is not much range between the low of 3.9 grn and the high of 4.3 grn. I got a new Hornady 1500 digital scale but its accuracy is only .1-.2 grn. Even if I start at the low end the scale inaccuracy might place my load near or at the high end. Any suggestions other than get a different scale or powder?
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