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In my opinion, these folks, the open carry ones are most often doing so for the attention and to achieve the "shock and awe". Add the camo clad factor and I see it even more of a "look at me" need for a testosterone boost.
Really? "He's just compensating"?

I live in the urban confines of Fairfax County, Virginia, and have a fair amount of experience with open carry. Guess what? It's not an issue, even in gun-loathing Northern Virginia. Maybe that's because I'm a passably-groomed middle-aged white guy, who isn't given to wearing "Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out" T-shirts. Or maybe, as I suspect, 99.987% of our fellows go around in a state of near catatonia.

On the other hand, I have seen scrofulous young men open carrying, decked out in Armageddon black from head to heel, looking like they were out to pick a fight. No thanks.

Funny story from last Saturday: I was shopping in a Wegman's supermarket in Fairfax, and as I rounded an aisle, I was confronted by a stunning blonde, all, oh, about 6'1" of her. Forgive me, Lord, married man that I am, I just had to appreciate this wonderful example of God's handiwork. As the eyes drifted along the curving coastline, whoa! she was open carrying an HK30 (I believe). Now, that is rare in these parts. The holstered weapon, not the woman!
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