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Well my instant 8 day NICS check came back today. So I picked up my Remington 1894 S/S shotgun.

Boogieman you can only ask or get 3 per 1 set of paper work. You can get as many set as you would like.
I would really like to know how you can get around the 31 day wait in between handgun purchases? Cause I have 2 waiting for me in the same store so I would like to know how I could bring them both home on the same day. Please do tell.

BTW who ever asked if the Garden State Parkway (parking lot) is now free.....HAHAHAHAHA That money making highway will never be free... The just took 1 or 2 tolls out heading south and 1 or 2 out heading north and just made them $1.50 to go thru...... Never will they get rid of the tolls...
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