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Also, when I expressed an interest in reloading a firearms instructer and veteran reloader that I know suggested that I start with a single stage press. I'll be honest, I didn't believe him but, through a series of events, I ended up cancelling my order for a Lee loadmaster and getting the Hornady. I can tell you as a new reloader that he, and all the other people who have commented here, are right, you need to start single stage so you can learn how to set each individual die and learn what it feels like to properly (or improperly) seat a primer, crimp a cartridge, etc. You get a lot of tactile feedback from the press that you wouldn't get with a progressive press doing all 4-6 operations simultaneously.
I agree with the comment by BusterValentine. I've been using a single stage press for a couple of years. I'm getting to the point that I want a progressive press, and have more of an idea of how *I* work with the equipment. I prefer using a hand-held primer tool, for example, and I'm still weighing just about every powder charge. Doing so much manually has taught me a lot. At least, that's what I think. I've even thought about just getting another single stage press.

Wish you much success and enjoyment. There's a LOT to learn. It's a giant onion. I'm still peeling layers.
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