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If a person can afford a cell phone, or cable tv, or big plasma tv, or several guns, etc, they can afford a decent 60 minute safe that can be bolted to a secure floor (steel plate under floor, concrete floor, etc, etc). Place everything in the safe except for a home defense weapon of choice. When you travel, rely on a security system that can be purchased for 280$ and 100$ more will get you a GSM dialer that uses a cell phone sim card (100$ a year for 1000 minutes that you won't use). The phone will call if an alarm is tripped. You can pay 100$ a year for some one else to monitor it. At night, the alarm will give you plenty of time to wake up and get your weapon if need be. Add a smoke detector and your home insurance cost will be reduced. Any break in gives some one 5-8 minutes before the police arrive at my residence. The biggest deterrent is the placards on all windows and small sign in both the front and back by doors to encourage thieves to go elsewhere for easier pickings.
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