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Gaerek said:
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Others (such as yourself) turned it into an Internet Urinating Contest of how far they could accurately hit a target with a handgun
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Hell, I've hit things out to 200 yards with a handgun before
slow fire, bullseye shooting from 100 yards. Anyone can do that adequately.
50 yards is about my maximum with some level of consistancy and accuracy, in a controlled situation.
Ahh, so you're that guy who goes to the range...
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Hitting a human sized target at 125 with a handgun, slow fire is certainly possible, and I've done it several times (well, never shot at anything past 100 yard with a handgun, anyway).
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I'll push myself to 50 yards. Rarely will I go out further than that with a handgun, mostly because it's not practical to use up a ton of ammo past that, though I will go further, just so I can get a feel for it, and to figure out how, just in case.
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Push it out to over 100 yards, which even some of the more skilled marksman have trouble hitting 100% of the time with a combat handgun with iron sights
I can hit a 10in gong at 100 yards. I know how to do it with my gun.
Hitting a human sized target with a handgun at over 100 yards is most certainly possible. I would bet most people on this forum who have been shooting for a while have been done it.
Perhaps one can understand my confusion of what exactly are you saying; after reading your comments above.
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A handgun vs. a rifle at 125 yards is no contest, especially when the person with the rifle gets the drop on you. Could you get lucky? Is it possible to win with the handgun? Yeah, I suppose, but it's improbable.
I can understand your position from this statement. The rest of the above quotes, not so much.
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