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I like about 4lb on my SA 1911 which I carry.

In general, I think 5-8lbs is better and I can shoot well enough with all of them. The only one I don't really like the feel of is my Glock 21 at like 6.5lbs, if I remember right.

I feel that pull feel through the stroke is most important. My XD is about the best. It has a medium length light pull with a relatively short 5.5lb break.

Still, I happily live with a 10 lb DAO revolver, 8 lb Kahr, 1911 @ 4, 5 & 6 lbs, SSK Contender at 2 lbs, 3lb Ruger SA...

You get my point. Over 15 yds, trigger pull weight becomes key. Under, safety should drive the weight higher.
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