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I have the 2 3/4" S&W 500 snubbie. I have not fired full house 500's yet, as I started with handloads and worked my way up. My loading is a 385gr. Remingtron JHP over enough H110 to get the bullet running 1120 fps chrono'd from the short barrel. This is not too bad from the standard rubber grips, but from the finger groove wood grips shown, five shots can draw some blood at the web/thumb if I don't do everything right. The wearing of shooting gloves would eliminate that, too, but I'm a bit of a purist. I could load it hotter, but I think even that load would get a bear's attention if necessary. A longer barrel, or heavier gun without a comp would be a bit more manageable, but be prepared: those comps DO reduce recoil a lot. I also like the clean look, and S&W has made some 500's without the comp, so it is nothing new. ........................... [IMG][/IMG]
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