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Originally Posted by AID_Admin
I completely agree that asking questions about the revolver that lead to an offer to try it is a better approach that simple asking to shoot it. I will use this "strategy".
I'm late to the party, so welcome, AID_Admin. Asking wheelgunners about their gun will often be followed by an offer to shoot it. In addition to the range, see if there's an ICORE or IDPA match close by. Chances are you'll get the opportunity to check out several revolvers if you started asking curious questions.

Originally Posted by AID_Admin
I understand that basically longer barrel provides better aiming, but does it really make all that much difference between 3" and 6" barrel? Also, do adjustable sights matter much?
In theory, the longer barrel makes it easier to shoot more accurately because the sights can be aligned more precisely. This is certainly true when comparing, say a 4" barrel to a snub nose, but isn't as clear when comparing 3" or 4" barrels to 6" or even 8" barrels, since balance of the gun begins to play a role as well. IOW, if you find the longer barrel to be muzzle heavy, and your hold is less steady, and/or you're less confident as a result, the longer barrel isn't a net benefit. Personally, I do best with a 4" barrel - I'm less accurate with a 3" barrel, but not more accurate with a 6" barrel.

As to the rear sight, I recommend an adjustable rear sight. It's "adjustable", of course, but IME, the rear blade makes for a better sight picture. And you can often replace the blade itself with another that's got a wider/deeper notch if that's what you prefer.
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