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Some people take the mag disconnect as a personal insult. In this case the feature will alert you to the mag not properly seated before you fire. I for one don't care at all. Same with the mag release, a matter of taste.
I beg to differ. Your post seems to want to reduce real things to a mere emotional reaction. For many, this is simply not accurate.

The mag disconnect safety means that you MUST have an empty, unloaded mag inserted in to the firearm to begin the field-stripping process. This goes against the training and process of most anyone that's ever handled handguns. It also makes for a truly annoying, obnoxious circumstance when you find yourself holding the handgun & wishing to take it apart while it has a loaded magazine. This is much more a annoyance for something the serves in a defense role, where you most often simply do NOT have an empty magazine empty, but it is still a real situation that doesn't need emotion attached to it to be considered a poor idea.

The magazine release also can't simply be reduced to "preference" for most people. Folks who are used to and trained with a typical North American style button release will obviously much prefer the newer system while the european-style heel magazine release works just fine, it's a system that you must accept or learn to accept if you aren't familiar with it.

I have had my Mark II since 1994 and I'm thoroughly satisfied with it; have said before that all in all, it could be argued that it may be the BEST firearm I actually own and the heel-type magazine release is something that I am used to and can accept. But to argue that it's simply a "preference" or to make it sound like it's all about "feelings" is to attempt to reduce real mechanical features or issues to emotional thoughts.

It's not accurate and it does a disservice to a rational discussion on the subject.
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