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Again, thank you guys for all the input. I completely agree that asking questions about the revolver that lead to an offer to try it is a better approach that simple asking to shoot it. I will use this "strategy". Also, I understand an important factor of good grips now.

I really have to go on that range I mentioned that has better variety of revolvers. There I can try 3", 4" and 6" and they have a choice of some S&W and Ruger, so I feel that I will get a much better idea after I fire them all.

Since we are on the subject of trying different barrels I have another question. Even though I want a gun that will provide a decent home defense, the primary use will be at the range. And I am very much into precise aiming/ accuracy. I understand that basically longer barrel provides better aiming, but does it really make all that much difference between 3" and 6" barrel? Also, do adjustable sights matter much? Thanks
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