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Too much trouble for a 9mm Tok. I've never seen one that was not Junk. Sorry.
You haven't seen mine Let me assist you with that...

I have a Norinco "M-54-1" Tokarev and can't figure out the magazine situations for it. From what I gather the Chinese welded a shim inside the magwells (on some) to make smaller 9mm tok magazines fit into the regular sized tokarev mag well.

Well... mine came with a regular sized tok mag but 9mm jams in the magazines made for 7.62x25. This gun doesn't have the shim welded into the magazine well.


Should I add a magwell shim myself then try to find the 9mm mags for it or should I leave the mag well alone and weld shims to actual 9mm magazines? I just tried to shim a 9mm mag I had got somewhere else to try and it would work other than it's not worth the time and work welding and filing down the mag to fit. I can't get at the inside of the mag with a file to file down where some of the weld went into the magazine (the welds stop the follower from working right, you can't file them all the way down completely).
The gun should be fine using standard 7.62 mags with 9mm. just give it a tap after it's loaded to move the rounds forward.
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