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Thanks BOB... I like them all... though... these are some of the "fancier" ones...

I do shoot a #2 snubbie in 38 S&W a lot... it functions perfectly, but is seriously ugly... ( in fact I shot it when I re-newed my CCW license for range qualification )

there are pics out there of the gun... my original thought on that one was re-nickeling for occasional carry use / durability... it also currently wears a set of early J frame grips right now to save the original hard rubber... if it would really be a crime to blue the long barrel gun, maybe I should blue the #2 snubbie, & put those MOP grips on that gun, & keep it for a BBQ gun ????

SHOOTIE... I guess I don't think I own a "baby Russian" as my understanding, they had a partial underlug for the "Russian" type extractor, my #1.5's & #2's both have the more traditional cam type extractor
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