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I would not suggest you ask to shoot someone's gun at the range..- unless you at least know them.....but at least show some interest.../ ask some questions / and if you approach people the right way, most of us would let you put a few rounds thru a gun we own at the range - and help you with the process before you buy. Ask about barrel lengths, would they buy the gun again, holsters, etc...

Your local range officers / range safety officers ...might know some members that are big into revolvers...might know what days they tend to come to the you could try and be there when they're around so you can talk to them - or take your contact info and give it to them next time they're in - to ask them to contact you - talk to you a little.
Yes, I would suggest you try ( in S&W ) some K, L and N frames....

K frames ...Model 19's or 66's in .357 mag are common
L Frames ...Model 686's
N Frames ...Model 27's or 28's in .357 mag...

but when you try a gun - holding it in a retail store - or on range / make some notes on the grips that are on it ...a lot of us, put older wood finger groove style S&W grips on, or the standard wood target grips and some guys keep the rubber Hogue grips on them...and size and style of grips make a huge difference on how the guns feel in our hands.
In terms of carrying ...or using a revolver for tactical practice...a 4" gun in a K frame is about as small as I will go ( smaller ( J frame) doesn't fit my hands very well)...and a 2 1/2" is a little too short a sight plane for me even in a K frame / 6" barrels are just too long in and out of a holster - might be just right for a nightstand gun ...but too long to carry in my view. N frames are great guns...but just a little heavier to carry a K or L frame in a 4" would be my best overall choice.

Running my tactical drills at the range...I will sometimes run a K frame( like a model 18 4" ) in .22 for 60 shots or so ...get my draw and in and out of holster move cleaned up ...then go to a Mod 19 or 66 in .357 mag ( and shoot some .38's thru it ..then go to .357 mag ) ...and use same holster...if I go up to an L or N frame then I need to change holsters...and shoot the L or N frame in .38's or .357 mag for awhile.../ do some draw - double taps...back to holster / draw - double taps / draw - double taps - and mix in some reload drills ..( get some speed loaders )...and just have some fun ( center chest area on silhouette target at 15 Ft, 21 Ft, 30 Ft....)...

so a lot of us, that are into revolvers, tend to have more than one frame one caliber...

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