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When this first started we were talking about making hits at longer ranges , period. Then it went from there to long range an BG shooting back.
Did you even read the OP's first post? Here it is, bold faced is mine for emphasis:

In the book I am reading, the hero is shot at but only grazed by a rifle bullet from a sniper, laying prone, 125 yards away. He and his wife each pull their model 1911s and fire back, two magazines each. Of aproximately 30 rounds, the sniper is hit 25 times.
So, actually, a BG shooting back was part of this thread since the beginning. Others (such as yourself) turned it into an Internet Urinating Contest of how far they could accurately hit a target with a handgun. My point has always been hitting something from 125 yards with a handgun isn't terribly difficult. Given enough time and practice, anyone can do it. But with a sniper firing at you with a rifle, that same feat is pretty close to impossible.
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