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LC844 sounds like ignorance on the seller's part (not a good sign). It's probably WC844 pulled down from LC cartridges, but I can't guarantee that. What I can tell you is that pulled down powder is from cartridges that are either too old for stockpiling or these cartridges were out of spec on performance. Neither is a great sign. It may be OK, but if you get some, keep an open mind to the possibility it won't behave as expected, and work with it very carefully. I would not trust the H335 data. I would knock the charge down to 70% case capacity under the bullet and work up.

As already mentioned, canister grade WC844 is sold as H335. The difference is that canister grade undergoes the additional steps of burn rate testing and blending with held back faster or slower lots, as needed, to bring the burn rate to within ±3% of Hodgdon's standard for the powder. That is done so that starting loads in manuals will remain valid. That data cannot be counted on to be good with bulk powder lots except by happy accident. Bulk powder, as used by the military and large scale commercial loading operations, has, on occasion, varied by almost seven times what canister grade does. The military and commercial loaders don't depend on load recipes, instead using a pressure gun to determine the correct charge weights. If they get a bulk shipment that doesn't work in the cartridge they bought it for, they just assign it to a different cartridge for which its burn rate is more appropriate, or, if there is none, the sell it on the surplus market. You can see the problem for the handloader there.
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