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Scorch anyway you can send me in the right direction for said barell? Reputable quality barells?
McGowen barrels. Best value in a premium barrel that I know of.
I have a sporterized 8mm Mauser, and I also have a Green Mountain barrel chambered .220 swift, threaded for a Remington 700. How close are the threads between the two? Could I have the Barrel re-threaded to fit the Mauser?
You will need to have the barrel rethreaded. If you have a good machinist, you won't have to lose any length, either. Rem700 threads are 1.061"-16 tpi IIRC, Mauser threads are .990"- 12 tpi IIRC, so you could just recut the shank and rethread, then headspace it. You will have to cut the chamber a little deeper because you will lose about 5/32" at the rear of the barrel due to the bolt head recess on the Rem700. Anyway, very doable.
Does the Mauser have an interrupted thread?
Very, very few factory commercial Mauser 98s have interrupted threads. Probably no military 98s. Europeans have always liked switch-barrel guns, but they are not terribly fond of interrupted threads for some reason. I have seen two commercial Mausers with interrupted threads, but I am unsure whether these were done in the USA or made abroad and then imported. Griffin & Howe used to convert many rifles to takedown by making them into interrupted thread switch-barrels. The European switch-barrel Mauser 98s I have seen used a dovetailed affair to hold the barrels, and may not have held up to extensive firing.
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