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So We In Connectcut Are A Joyous Lot Now

I'll be registering all my mags which hold over ten rounds. That's a lot of paperwork, but it's for the children. If 8 guys break down my door, head shots on 7 will make the 8th guy flee. It's for the children. When the grid goes down for 3 weeks and my home is being over run with New Havenites, 5 rounds in the mini 14 will keep them at bay. Ya know...for the children. I'll sacrifice my life for the children, like I would have that day in Newtown. But that was a no carry zone, I don't have or hang around children, and it would distract them to see Mister Frettbird walking the perimeter, "I hear he has a gun somewhere', and that would scare the children.

I just get the feeling that that guy at the range with the .308, or his 75 counterparts who work hard and come for the sport are not going to cooperate as easily as I shall. I will tell you this....there are a lot of non-internet and non-phone conversations occurring in CT. I can only assume all those guys who lined up to block westboro baptist church from the funerals will be as willing as I am to turn a Mercedes Glock 19 into a 10 round Ford Focus.

We love lo capacity freedoms.
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