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Alternate Carry:

Most competitions and or ranges discourage cross draw or shoulder holster carry because of the safety issue.

Not for the shooter but those on either side of the shooter one the firing line.

Its difficult to use a cross draw and not sweep the person on your left or right, depending on if you're carrying left or right side so I can see the safety issue.

I teach the option of cross draw or shoulder holders. To do so I only have one person on the line and I stand on the opposite side of the carried gun.

My opinion its easier to draw the gun with either hand if you are carrying in a cross draw holster.

To give you an example. Lets assume you're right handed and carry your gun in a cross draw fashion. The butt should be facing forward. Simply reach the gun with your right hand and pull it out of the holster (being careful not to sweep your left arm). Its really quite fast, faster then if you're carrying the gun toward your right hip, slid back a bit.

To draw from the cross draw holster with the left hand simply flip the hand sideways slipping the open hand between the butt of the pistol and the body grabbing the grip and pull out in a twisting motion.

It can be done fairly quick, much quicker then trying to draw the gun mounted on the right or strong side, especially if the holster is carried toward the back a bit.

In addition a cross draw set up works much better setting in a car, horse back or riding a motor cycle.

Understand I don't mandate any carry position (or firearm). Every one is different, everyone wears different clothing.

I pocket carry. Works for me, but my wife wear her jeans a bit tighter then I do. She couldn't get a 22 shell in her pocket, let alone a J Frame.

Anyway I suggest giving the cross draw a shot, again BEING CAREFUL NOT TO SWEEP anyone else or your own arm.

Many of the women in my Monday night classes say they can draw and get on target faster with their off hand then their strong hand.

The cross draw is also much faster drawing from a setting position, in a recliner, setting at a table, and in a car there is less chance of the gun hitting the steering wheel or dash of the vehicle.

Another thing I do is presenting the weapon while holding the hand of a child. We use a 3 foot rag doll. The lady has to hold the hand of the doll, and at the buzzard, turn sideways pulling the doll behind her, using her body to protect the doll while she engages the target.

I make the ladies to this holding the doll in the right hand, then the left.

The cross draw makes it easier to get to the gun with either hand.

Think about it. Pull the child (doll) back behind you with your right hand, then try and draw your gun with the left.

We only get the luxury of choosing which hand to use the gun in at the range. One or the other hand is going to be tied up doing or holding something.

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