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Thanks for the replies ....lots of good ideas and your responses have helped shorten my search.

I shot a couple of right handed 9mm and one 40...not a problem with the shooting, but I had difficulty with the right handed controls.

Stopped by a local dealer and they had what my research was causing me to lean toward. FN FNX 40. I was not able to shoot it, but I handled it extensively and it was slick ...all of the controls seemed to be just where I needed them.

I still got to take the concealed class to this Saturday so do not have any permits to purchase any more (used them on my revolvers) but as soon as I get the permit I think I will get the FN......and I will probably check out several other semis mentioned by you folks.

Of course, this stuff is as addicting as it was when the black gun long rifle disease (ar15 and ar10 types) was inside me....I thought I was cured from that, but am having a relapse with the black hand guns....I now am going to get a 40 and one a 9mm and am considering a 45

Thanks again for all of your help
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