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Boogieman there is a wait but we are so use to it that we dont look at it as a wait. What is the time frame when you put in your paper work for a handgun until you walk out of the store with it? Its our wait. Thats how Im seeing it.. Ask these other guys how they go about buying a handgun.

lagavulin62 I live not to far from the beaches here and I wont miss it. We dont go there to often during peek season. We also wouldnt be moving anywhere near those Bushes cause I would want to get away from the city living and just be able to have my own 10 acreas with a nice house and not pay $15,000 in taxes a year.

The way it looks right now I will have my non resident CCW before I get my permits or NICS check back.... And the CCW paper work was sent in on 3/11... But this state or towns will blame the feds for it....
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