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excellent post to bring up .

your right - its not hard to work a semi with one hand. Its a drill that should be in everyones tool box.

I do one hand drills all the time both if your firing hand is disabled and if your non firing hand is disabled.

there are several sound techniques for getting the gun out using the non firing side (ie. reach behinds) and several techniques for mag changes - back in holster/belt/between knees/armpits etc and a surprising number of places to manipulate the slide. hard belts/ heels / holster edge etc.

never thought about it till this post - i never see civilians practicing that on the range. I wonder if its one of those things that some ranges will call a cease fire on if someone did try ?

i think i might make a video (snagging your idea) I could easily get a good hour of edited video out of this subject . Have you ever wrote a video outline on this subject? I would be interested in your thoughts

im thinking:

1 - intro - why its important - who can use this skillset
2. Alternate Draws / presentations
3. Slide manipulations
4. Mag Changes
5. Dry fire drills for the shooter
6. Range training exercises and safety

what do you think?
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