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Yes come down to Texas. You will never leave. We have just about everything here. Got to admit the beaches are not Florida, but then again at least if you come to Texas you won't have to be neighbors with retired New Yorkers. One other drawback and I promise all the rest is good news. We got two Bushes here. George 1 in Houston and George 2 in Dallas. Take your pick.

Oh how could I forget, the week before I was to return home, (july 90) my car breaks down 3 blocks from my house. It's 11:30 and no way I can get this thing back home. So I pull it over and leave a note explaining that I had broken down and will have it moved off the street first thing in the morning. Well wouldn't you know it next morning I return to the car to find a ticket on the windshield. I'm just fuming. Once I get the car to the shop and repaired I drive to the police station with ticket and my note asking how anyone could ticket me under such circumstances. All I get is "Pay the ticket, pay the ticket, nothing we can do, pay the ticket". What a bunch of jerkwads. Well I guess you know that ticket never got paid. I suppose if I ever get pulled over one day in NJ it could be a long night. lol
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